About Me & Navigating this Blog

About Me

Just like self-reviews, About Me’s are hard to write. My go-to is saying that I’m a married mom of two, but of course, that doesn’t define me. I am also an executive at a global consulting firm, but that is just what I (love to) do. I could go with my measurements since I’ll be sharing outfit recommendations, but I would prefer not to share those publicly. So I’ll just say that I’m someone who enjoys keeping busy, optimizing a process or a layout, and sharing ways that I’ve made our lives a little bit easier.

As before, I will not be sharing the names or faces of my children, but here’s some fun facts about our family. My husband and I have been together for over 16 years and married for over 12. We come from very different backgrounds but balance each other perfectly now. Our two kids, K & A, are amazing. They’re caring, helpful, and tenacious. They are good eaters so you won’t see Chicken Nuggets on our plates (not that they don’t love a McDs visit, it’s just not our norm). We have two pups & a cat who add their own level of crazy to our every day – but without whom the house would definitely feel incomplete.

I hope you enjoy this blog and connecting with us. Would love to hear if it helps you in any way as that’s truly my goal! There are plenty of blogs/influencers out there… I’m not them. My aim is to share and connect.

Navigating this Blog

I’ve organized my thoughts into the following categories: With Whines (Kids & Cooking), With Wine (Organizing, Baking, Crafting), Because of Wine (Splurges & Finds).